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Special Education
Special education is a broad term that describes the education of students who have intellectual, physical, behavioral, or emotional disabilities. Special education involves specially designed instruction tailored to the unique needs of each child and is provided at no
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Special Education
 · Special Education You are here Home / Resources / Topics / Other Topics / Special Education Most Recent Article Young Children March 1, 2021 When in Doubt, Reach Out: Teaming Strategies for Inclusive Early Childhood Settings In this article, we
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Special Education An Educational Program/Service designed to meet the needs of children with special needs who cannot profit from general or Regular Education because of disabilities or Exceptional Disabilities. Basic Philosophy of Special Education Is derived
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10 Steps in the Special Education Process
The special education process under IDEA is designed to ensure that each individual child’s needs are carefully considered and addressed. Learn ten steps in the special education process, from evaluation to reviewing student progress.
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Special education evaluation: an overview
Special education services Your child won’t receive any special education services unless you give your consent in writing. Any or all of the IEP with which you agree will go into effect as soon as possible after you sign it. If you disagree with the proposed IEP
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Special Education Acronyms and Glossary

Special education and related services are provided to students with disabilities at public expense and under public supervision and direction at no cost to the student’s parents. Functional Analysis Assessment (FAA) An evaluation process to understand the in

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Special education disability categories can range from a mild learning disability to more severe physical or emotional disability. Students with mild to moderate disabilities can generally stay in a normal classroom. Students further on the ASD spectrum need a
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What Is Exceptional Student Education

 · PDF 檔案What Is Exceptional Student Education for Children with Disabilities? In Florida, children with disabilities who need specially designed instruction and related services are called exceptional students. The special help they are given at school is called exceptional
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What is Inclusion? An Introduction from Special …

Special education professional Gretchen Walsh M.S. Ed., who runs the Academic Support Center at Notre Dame College, gives a concise synopsis when she says “Inclusion is important because through our diversity we certainly add to our creativity.
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What Is the Purpose of Education?
“K–12 education should prepare students for life—for college, for work, for living within a family and within a community, and for participating effectively in the democratic process,” he says. Although future employment is probably necessary for most young people, K–12 education is more than just job training.
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What are the requirements for a special education …

For special education teachers, the test requirements are the Specific Content-Area Test and the edTPA and/or the APT exam. For certain endorsements, there may also be more specific education
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5 Important Special Education Laws

Special education programs became obligatory in 1975 to prevent discrimination by public educational institutions against individuals with disabilities. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that, as of 2013, approximately 13 percent of all students in public schools were receiving special education …
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What is an IEP? Resources, Definitions & More for Teachers

The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law that entitles all children with learning disabilities a free, appropriate education. Children who have a disability or qualify for special education must be provided with an education that meets their unique needs, provides access to the general education curriculum, and meets state grade level standards.
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Special Education Teaching
Special education is a fluid and evolving discipline. As the educational community learns more about individual students, it attempts to categorize and define their needs; teachers can complete preparation programs and internships specifically designed to
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Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is the federal law that outlines rights and regulations for students with disabilities in the United States who require special education.As a parent, it’s important that you understand the IDEA and how you can use
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A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North …

The Duke Children’s Law Clinic has produced a comprehensive Guide for parents of children with special education needs. The Guide explains the special education law in clear terms so that parents can learn the vocabulary, navigate the special education system, and become an effective advocate for their children. The Guide is especially geared to assist North Carolina parents. The Guide
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What is EL Education?
EL Education schools are outperforming state and district averages on standardized tests and closing critical achievement gaps. In many US cities, our schools are the highest-performing public schools, and in our high schools, 100 percent college acceptance is the standard.